The Book


Most leadership books focus on people problems – and the same 25 problems reappear year after year. Most books address only one or two problems each. If you drill down, an interesting pattern emerges: All these problems have to do with people not being properly connected to each other.

Surprisingly, this can be explained scientifically. For the last 50 years, scientists have been studying the nature and behavior of all living systems. They have concluded that all living systems are networks of dynamic and properly ordered connections. Even more surprisingly, each kind of system — from sub-atomic particles to biological cells to supernovas — has its own kind of network and can be divided into distinct types.

“Lead Right for Your Company Type” is the first book to apply living systems research to profit and non-profit enterprises. It divides enterprises into four types: customized, enrichment, predictable and dependable, or best-in-class. Your enterprise is one of these four — which depends upon what you are promising your customers. Success is inherently a matter of understanding which type of enterprise yours is and creating the proper connections between your customers, employees and leaders for your type.


Setting up work processes or structures that treat these as separate entities or connecting them in ways that don’t fit your enterprise type diminishes your effectiveness and success. The more dynamic and properly ordered the connections between your customers, employees and leaders are, the more effectively your enterprise will operate and the more successful it will be.

At its essence your enterprise is biological, not mechanical. “Lead Right for Your Company Type” describes the four distinct types of living systems, gives you a way to determine which one is yours and shows you how you can build the exact network of relationships and processes that you need to deliver on your promise to your customers.

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