Book Accolades

LEAD RIGHT FOR YOUR COMPANY’S TYPE placed on the the 800-CEO-READ “Best Business Book of 2017” long list!
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LEAD RIGHT FOR YOUR COMPANY’S TYPE on October 2017 Top Ten Business List

“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type” chosen as number two on the top ten list for October.  Click here to read more

Your Customer Promise Determines Your Leadership Approach

Recent article in the AMA Playbook that describes: “When we promise a product or service to customers, we form an immediate interdependence with them. ”


“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type”: touted as a model for bank leadership

Bank president describes how the book applies to leading in the banking industry

NEW RELEASES: Business Books to Watch in July

“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type” picked by as one of ten new business books to watch for in July.

Your Enterprise is a Living People System

Newly published article on describes the importance of understanding your enterprise as a connection between your customers, employees and leaders.

Write-up from the C-Suite Book Club about “Lead Right for Your Company’s Type”

“This book provides examples of world-renowned companies in a wide range of industries to illustrate the benefits of leading in the way that fits their company type. And it gives practical steps you’ll be able to apply immediately to your organization.”

“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type”: Editor’s Choice

“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type” just placed on’s Editor’s Choice list

“Lead Right for Your Company’s Type” picked as “1 of 10 books aspiring business executives should read in 2018”

Marc Kramer in The Business Journals article says that “There are great books written by seasoned business people whose names aren’t plastered all over the Internet but whose wisdom and advice is just as valuable.”

Lead Right for Your Company’s Type by William Schneider advises companies to build their culture around what customers expect from their product. The book has great case studies to illustrate his thinking.”

Leadership expert strongly recommends “Lead Right  for Your Company’s Type”

“I cannot stress enough how important this book is for anyone who is running a company and particularly for anyone who is moving from a leadership position in one company to the same in another. Buy and read this book before you start at the new company.”