“Your work on customer promise, culture and leadership is great distilled wisdom.”
Tom Rand, Ph.D., CEO, Rand Consulting Group, Inc.

“Your work on integrating customer promise, culture and leadership is very powerful stuff.”
Gary Lemaster, Director: Organization Development, Lockheed Martin

“I know you can tell from my regular use of your assessments that I am a huge supporter of your work [regarding the integration of customer promise, culture and leadership]. I am getting great results with my clients.”
Robert Hribernik, Lee Hecht Harrison

“I knew I needed to make some changes, but until I had your customer promise, culture and leadership framework I didn’t have a way to focus my thinking. Now I do.”
John Bernard, Vice President and General Manger, Centurylink (formerly Qwest)

“This assessment [of a leader’s integration with customer promise and culture] is quite accurate. I am impressed. I would like for my partner as well as my senior leadership group to complete it as well.”
Deborah Forrest, Partner, ForestPerkins

“Your approach showed us that though we were organizing one way, we were acting another. Of all the alternatives, your approach to culture and its integration with strategy and leadership is the one that makes the most sense.”
Diane J. Bradford, VP Human Resources, Boeing, Huntington Beach, CA

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Sean Burke, VP Human Resources, American Ref-Fuel Company

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Steve Quist, CEO, Cyberoptics, Inc.

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L. Bonita Patterson, President, Board of Directors, Colorado Human Resource Association

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TB, CEO, Valco Manufacturing, Inc.

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K. Purcell, Director: Leadership Development, Microsoft

“… possibly the best report like this I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thanks very much.”
Lisa Sutherland Kirkman, The Governance Institute

“… Your work is very impressive, and your ideas around integrating the ‘four core cultures, customer promises, and leadership styles is very compelling.”
Tim Johnstone, Chief Strategy Officer, Hopelink

“I had the opportunity to work with your framework and model with various leadership teams. This work was some of the most powerful and meaningful corporate work I’ve done in my decades of work with corporate leadership teams.”
Karen Petty, Sageways Consulting

“If you’re at all interested in organizational change, whether it’s to fix a specific problem or thrive in perpetual motion, here is something that should actually help you. Full of insight and wisdom, Bill’s perspectives and tools have that ring of common sense, and the beauty of simplicity.”
Rick Dove, CEO, Paradigm Shift International

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Bruce Goldberg, Vice President, Genentech

“The primary reason that I was able to build my company into a profitable $250 million business was culture. I have looked at everything out there regarding culture and your model is absolutely the best that I have come across. Your leadership assessment of me was amazingly right on.”
John Marcus, Chairman, Matthew Book Company

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Joe Levy, Managing Director, Apollo Theater