Focus Your Enterprise

Focus Your Enterprise

Paris Hotel Service asks potential guests to describe exactly what they are looking for in a hotel, including its price, then recommends one or more Paris hotels – and can make the reservation for you and arrange transportation, too.

The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, California offers “fitness/wellness immersion.”

Fairfield Inn & Suites offers the same kind of hotel in over 700 locations around the world.

Four Seasons Hotels offers each customer the most “perfect,” elegant hotel experience possible. It caters to customers “who appreciate the best,” including a luxury jet to bring them to the hotel (for a price, of course).

These enterprises are in the same industry, but they are different enterprise types: Paris Hotel Service is customized, The Ranch at Live Oaks is enrichment, Fairfield Inn & Suites is predictable and dependable, and Four Seasons Hotels is best-in-class. What makes them different is their customer promises.

Customer promise establishes the magnetic north for your enterprise.  It keeps everyone on the same page and clear about priorities.  It establishes the kind of culture and leadership approach your enterprise needs.

When your enterprise has a clear and fully understood customer promise, it has focus. And only an enterprise with that focus can succeed.

Our Enterprise Customer Promise Indicator (ECPI) measures:

  • The extent to which your enterprise has a clear customer promise
  • What various categories of leaders and employees believe your customer promise is

Utilizing the results of our ECPI and interviews, we then work with you to establish a clear and fully understood customer promise.  The more everyone in your enterprise is working to accomplish the same goal, the more you will succeed in your marketplace.