Establish the Culture

Establish the Culture and Leadership that Fits Your Customer Promise

Each of the four kinds of hotel enterprises described in the section titled Focus Your Enterprise needs a particular kind of culture and leadership.  There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to building a culture or practicing leadership.  How you lead and enculturate Fairfield Inn & Suites is completely different than how you lead and enculturate The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, California.  The same is true for Paris Hotel Service and Four Seasons Hotels.

Fairfield Inn & Suites requires a highly structured and systematic operational system.  The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, California requires trained health professionals who dedicate themselves to enhancing the health and well-being of its patrons.  Paris Hotel Service requires people who are highly relational by nature and who are very effective at understanding what each customer needs.  Four Seasons Hotels must emphasize excellence, sophisticated service, and top-notch employees who are the best in their field.

Our Enterprise Culture Indicator (ECI), Enterprise Leadership Team Indicator (ELTI) and Individual Leader Indicator (ILI) measure:

  • The extent to which your enterprise and each of its units is practicing the 15 cultural and 3 leadership drivers that fit with your enterprise’s unique customer promise
  • Similarities and differences between various leaders and employees
  • An individual leader’s approach to leadership and fit with customer promise and culture

Utilizing the results of our ECI, ELTI, ILI and interviews, we then work with you to implement the cultural and leadership drivers that fit your customer promise.  The more integrated your customer promise, culture and leadership, the more your enterprise will prosper and succeed in your marketplace.