Empower Your Leaders

Empower Your Leaders to Practice the Kind of Teaming that fits with Your Customer Promise

Fundamentally, leadership is about empowerment.  Before leaders can empower employees, they need to empower one another to work together in a concerted way.  They won’t be trusted by their employees or customers if they don’t do this.

Silos between parts of an enterprise are the clearest example of why leaders need to work together as a team.  When one or more leaders are just attentive to how they ‘run their own shop,’ the message to all of their fellow leaders, employees, and customers is – don’t count on me to help ensure that we all succeed.  The additional related message is – I’m using the power I have here to ensure my success; your success is up to you.

How leaders team with one another is different in each of the four living enterprises.  What empowerment means in practice differs in each.  Staying with our ongoing example, leaders in each of the four hotel enterprises team with one another differently.  Fairfield Inn & Suites leaders share power with one another by collectively ensuring that the enterprise accomplishes operational goals.  The Ranch in Live Oak leaders share power by collectively ensuring that their espoused values are put into effect.  Paris Hotel Service leaders work together to ensure that unique customer goals are attained.  Four Seasons Hotels leaders work together to ensure that their conceptual goals are attained.

Utilizing the results of our Enterprise Leadership Team Indicator (ELTI), Individual Leader Indicator (ILI) and interviews, we then work with you to implement the leadership teaming practices that fit your customer promise and culture.  The more you do this, the more you will succeed in your marketplace.